Give your ministry momentum.

Further your biblical education and ministry with a Knox DMin.

Today’s pastors need biblical answers now. They need to dig into the Scriptures, research current issues, and disciple people in God’s truth. Sound theological studies and powerful research technology are the pastor’s best tools in ministry—our DMin will give you both! Knox Theological Seminary and Logos Bible Software have crafted this technologically advanced Doctor of Ministry program. Our combined team of scholars, professors, and software developers spent two years designing a biblical education program that approaches theology with the best modern technology. The Knox DMin in Preaching and Teaching empowers you for life-changing ministry with world-class education and Logos Bible Software, the world’s most powerful tool for academic and pastoral Bible study.

Pursue theological studies as science and art.

Enrich and deepen your preaching and teaching ministry; the Doctor of Ministry from Knox provides you with the tools and biblical education to understand the Word and communicate it effectively. Discover how to read the Bible as a story and approach the text as an artist. Explore narrative patterns and see how you, your ministry, your congregation, and your community fit into God’s grand story of redemption. You’ll learn this approach to preaching, teaching, and theological studies from world-recognized scholars:
  • Dr. Bruce K. Waltke
  • Dr. Gerald Bray
  • Dr. Haddon Robinson
  • Dr. Sam Lamerson
  • Dr. Warren A. Gage
  • Dr. Michael Allen
  • Dr. Jim Belcher
  • Dr. Jonathan Linebaugh
Knox Theological Seminary is accredited by the ATS Commission on Accrediting, giving you the best academic training and theological instruction from the world’s foremost Bible scholars.

Enhance your biblical education with the finest technology.

The entire Doctor of Ministry curriculum is based in Logos Bible Software, the world’s premiere tool for Bible study and research. You’ll use a digital library of over 2,500 books—books you can search in seconds. Your Logos Portfolio will set you up with a library of books to use for the rest of your ministry, and we’ll train you to use it like an expert. Logos Bible Software makes this doctoral degree unlike any other:
  • Includes 2,500 fully searchable books
  • Automatically cites sources when you copy-paste
  • Works on your Mac, PC, and most mobile devices
  • Equips you for powerful preaching and teaching
Your Logos Portfolio is forever yours, so you’ll have a massive theological library at your disposal for lifelong ministry.

Continue in theological studies and ministry.

The Knox DMin in Preaching and Teaching is both profitable and practical: you can stay in ministry while you study. You’ll attend up to four on-site, live classes every year for personalized instruction; do the rest of your studies wherever you want—your office, your home, your favorite coffee shop—anywhere. Prepare for lifelong ministry with your DMin from Knox. You’ll experience the very best in biblical education and technology. You’ll research ethical issues facing the church today. You’ll dig through millennia of scholarly writings. You’ll graduate with more than just a “Dr.” You’ll have a library of more than 2,500 books and the skills to use them powerfully. Learn more about how to give your ministry momentum.  Request information or apply today.